Hot Weather Entertaining

Sugar and spice and a whole lot of fish sauce make this summer night extravagant.

Pok Pok: The Cookbook Experience

Once you have visited the Pok Pok shrine in Portland, you must have the cookbook and all the accessories.

My Paris Kitchen: Lunch with David Lebovitz

I feel like I saw him at his last small club appearance and the next time he comes to town it will be a stadium show.

Pok Pok: The Restaurant Experience

Thirty people waiting in the rain in front of the small yellow house, not seeming to mind at all, is pretty much how it always is at Pok Pok.

Lark Style Savoy Cocktail Party

The longest running reading, tasting or cooking group I have ever participated in is loosely titled "Savoy". Originally named after Harry Craddock's book of prohibition era cocktail recipes served at the Savoy Hotel in London, we've since moved through that and on to The PDT Cocktail Book or...

charley+may co Tasting and Signing Event Photos

It is so much fun to meet new people and introduce them to Malaysian cuisine. I love the look on their face when they first taste, the surprise and then pleasure, which reminds me every time how the experience inspired my novel.