Sous Vide Obsession Inspired by Steak

When you want it moist and juicy, sous vide is the best method. I am having great results in my beer cooler but of course have ordered the next generation Anova that will take directions from my ipad.

Hot Weather Entertaining

Sugar and spice and a whole lot of fish sauce make this summer night extravagant.

Pok Pok: The Cookbook Experience

Once you have visited the Pok Pok shrine in Portland, you must have the cookbook and all the accessories.

My Paris Kitchen: Lunch with David Lebovitz

I feel like I saw him at his last small club appearance and the next time he comes to town it will be a stadium show.

Pok Pok: The Restaurant Experience

Thirty people waiting in the rain in front of the small yellow house, not seeming to mind at all, is pretty much how it always is at Pok Pok.